Increase Sales with this Simple 5 Step Guide

I guess you can’t wait? Right?

After reading these 5 simple steps you will have a clear vision of how exactly to close a deal and thus increase the sales and revenue of your business. Let’s get going!

It is said that the closing of the deal is the hardest part of the negotiation. Though, that is not true if the preliminary work before reaching this phase has been taken care of. In reality, the culmination of a sale is just a detail if the sale in question has been well prepared.

In almost all cases, when closing the deal appears to be rather complicated, difficulties can be found in some parts of the preceding negotiations. Before trying to get to the culmination of the deal, the Master-salesman carefully prepares the path step by step, whereas he focuses on the following crucial elements:

• He has taken care of the favorable attitude of the potential buyer, whereas he has built trust towards himself.
• He has estimated completely the client, so that he can be sure that he is truly a potential buyer.
• He has sowed in the consciousness of the potential buyer a logical motive for a purchase.
• During the presentation of his product, he has examined the buyer and he has assured himself that the potential buyer follows the presentation with big interest.
• And at the end, in his own mind, the sales representative has already completed the purchase, before trying to get to the culmination.

He knows when the time has come, because he is aware of what the client thinks. Nobody can become a Master-salesman, if he doesn’t develop the ability to tune in his sixth sense towards the potential buyer. This ability more than anything else distinguishes the Master-salesman from the rest.

After he walks through these steps, the sales representative is ready to close the deal. There are thousands of sales representatives, who can provoke interest – the first step of the real process of selling, and yes they generate desire for their products – the second step, but they fail at the third step, because they lack the ability of closing the deal. Though, let’s not forget that if all these steps, thoroughly described are done properly the finish will come easily and it will be nothing more than a mere detail.


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